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Education, Support, Community, Mentorship, Tools, a Route to Investment and more for Artists, Musicians and Creatives.

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The Key Components of the Escape Ark Membership

  • Education

    Delivered as both core content - lessons that will help you to make measurable progress - and monthly content, delivered in various forms throughout the month.

  • Support

    Get your questions answered quickly so that you can navigate your way through obstacles efficiently.

  • Mentorship

    Through live Q&A’s, group coaching and one to one video calls - you’ll constantly be pushed to excel no matter what step you’re in.

  • Community

    Know that every member within the Escape Ark Membership is going through the same process as you, they have the same values and aspirations. Collaborate, share and get inspired by the success of your fellow mastermind members.

  • Software & Tools

    We’re developing a complete roadmap of software & tools designed to free up time so you can focus more of your creative energy on the thing that matters the most to you: creating art that makes the biggest possible impact on the world. Our first software tools are due to go live in early 2021 and will include a tool to be able to build a great looking website using your mobile phone, a link tracking system to be able to maximize your marketing efforts and through our own music distribution, provide you with deep analytics, not only including save rates for your individual tracks, but also skip rate data from playlists your music is on.


    All of these software tools will be available to you at no extra cost as part of your Escape Ark membership.

  • Investment

    The Escape Ark membership offers you a route to investment into your artist business, without ever having to work the system or comply with gatekeepers' demands - very simply, if you excel, you will get the opportunity for investment.

The Escape Ark Success Pathway

Through working with the founding members, we developed what is now called ‘The Escape Ark Success Pathway’, which is designed to meet you where you are in your business, and guide you to take the right steps, at the right time, specifically to your needs.

  • STAGE 00

    Foundation Mindset Theory & Principles

    Learn the foundational mindset theories and principles that will support you in creating unparalleled levels of success in any creative business over time.

  • STAGE 01

    Core Product Development

    Learn the steps required to get a minimum viable product to be able to test, measure and launch an end product that will yield a large return over the product life time.

  • STAGE 02

    Branding & Messaging

    Discover how to define your unique brand DNA and create powerful, aligned messaging that resonates authentically with your artistry and audience.

  • STAGE 03

    Marketing & Strategic Planning

    Learn how to take your brand to the right audiences, turn those audiences into 'raving fans', leverage social media platforms for strategic growth and create a core plan (known as 'The Core Route') that will support you in building a business around your ideal lifestyle and long term aspirations.

  • STAGE 04

    Sales & Secondary Products

    Learn how to consistently convert marketing efforts into sales income and maximize all available revenue streams.

  • STAGE 05


    Discover how to quickly leverage incoming revenue to scale your creative business, through the creation of multiple lanes to allow you to constantly produce core product, evolve and grow you messaging and content output, along with scaling your marketing and resulting sales output. 

The Bonus Stage of The Escape Ark Membership: Investment

The Escape Ark Membership is a genuine route to investment, if you excel, you will get this opportunity. And when I say excel, I don't mean across social metrics or the size of your fanbase, this is purely based on 'people metrics'. When you become a member of The Escape Ark Membership, you'll learn what these metrics are so you have every chance to secure this opportunity (if it is one you want!).


Investment will be made through a unique 50/50 partnership model, allowing you the capital investment necessary to scale and grow a large and even global music business.


A number of Founding Members of The Escape Ark membership are already on the verge of receiving investment into their artist business and our goal is to break at least 10 artists on a global scale over the next 3 years.


Being a member of The Escape Ark Membership is the exclusive route to receiving investment from 'Escape Ark'

1 to 1 Zoom Strategy Call

When you become an Escape Ark Membership member for a limited time, you'll get the opportunity to book a 1 - 1 Zoom strategy call with one of the founders of Escape Ark!


In the call we'll help you work out what stage in the 'Escape Ark Success Pathway' you're in so you'll know exactly where to focus your time and energy.

Key Features of The Escape Ark Membership

All Content Accessible 24/7

Access all content anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Efficient & Concise Content

All content is assembled in bitesize, easy to consume and digest chunks.

Consume Content In Any Form

Consume content in the way you best learn - video, audio and written form.

Monthly Content

Delivered across the month in various forms, including case studies, new methods and strategies, live Q&A, guest speakers and much more!

Exclusive Escape Ark Live Events

Obtain access to exclusive Escape Ark Live events and get togethers.

Exclusive Escape Ark Members Network

Be part of the exclusive Exclusive Escape Ark Members Network - join groups inline with the step you're in on the 'Escape Ark Success Pathway' and network + share your success and be inspired by the success of your fellow mastermind members.

Receive Ongoing Next Level Education

Know that you'll be constantly receiving ongoing education designed to help you excel, grow and prosper constantly.

Contribute to the Development of The Escape Ark Membership

As an 'Early Adopter' you have the chance to help shape the future of The Escape Ark Membership in the same way the founding members helped to lay the foundations.

Membership Fee Locked for Life

As an 'Early Adopter', you'll never pay more than the monthly / annual membership fee you pay to come onboard now.

What Founding Members Are Saying!

Working with Carl has been a great experience and a huge help to me. In fact, I wish I had him there from the beginning, it would have saved me so much time, money and headache trying to figure all this stuff out.


I’d highly recommend becoming a member of the Escape Ark Membership, whether you’re just starting out or further along in your journey. Carl can help you at any step.


RnB Singer & Producer, Toronto - Canada

What Carl shared with me is knowledge. He’s not going to do it for you, rather he will show you how to do it yourself, and be there every step of the way to guide and support you. I’ve never met someone that works as hard as him, and it’s inspired me to work even harder.

If you want to get your music out to the world, build an audience, and create a business for life that supports your art, I highly recommend joining the Escape Ark Membership.

Phil Leavitt

Singer & Drummer from 7Horse, Los Angeles - USA

I think that Carl’s body, mind and spirit approach to art and music is directly applicable and doable from an artist’s perspective, especially in the new, innovative and pioneering times that we are living in. 


Once I joined the Mastermind, I felt a sense of relief and I am able to see the foundations of this coming together more and more, where there is a sense of integrity, like mindedness, community and service for others. 


I’m excited to see how everything unfolds over the next few years because I am committed to this just as I am committed to music and art and change.

Amie Penwell

Singer-Songwriter,  San Francisco - USA

If you are an artist looking to scale your band up to the next level, I definitely recommend checking out what Escape Ark has to offer. 


I was doing the whole touring musician thing for 10/11 years - major labels, independent labels, touring all around the world and what talking to Carl and the team really showed me was just how outdated, how broken and unfair this model really is towards the artist. 


It’s not all doom and gloom though, Escape Ark has these fantastic lessons to show you how simple things can really be, even going from entry level, all the way up to full touring. 


While I was stuck in the mud trying to do the whole traditional music industry model, Carl was out ahead blazing his own path and doing great things. 


You’ve got nothing to lose! 


It's fantastic to be on board now and really exciting to be a part of this huge change in the music industry. 


So what are you waiting for? Come in and let’s make some change happen.

Marcus Godda

Singer & multi-instrumentalist in Little Victories, London - UK

My experience of being a part of the Escape Ark Membership has been life-changing. 


It wasn’t just Carl’s story that captivated my attention, it was also his perspective on the music industry. He pointed out so many things that didn’t make sense and that we as musicians don’t even stop to question... 


...needless to say, Carl had shifted my view of the music industry in a dramatic way... I had taken the red pill and was never going back. I was willing to follow this guy and be a part of anything he was involved in, thus, when the opportunity became available to get involved with this Mastermind, I pounced on it. 


Since then, I’ve been able to follow Carl’s simple methods and put a plan into action that I know works. 


I know that it works because I’ve looked at the graphs and the data and I’ve seen how Crystal Cities’ listeners, followers and streams continue to produce high highs. 


But it isn’t just about the numbers. Carl Is literally ‘creating a brand new music industry, a whole new ecosystem for independent creators, where artists don’t just survive they thrive’. I mean, let the gravity of that claim just sink in for a bit...


When I first signed up to the Escape Ark Incubation and Acceleration Mastermind, there was a promise of receiving insane value due to being one of the founding members. Carl is a man of his word and has delivered on that promise. 


We are moving into a new world now where independent artists are thriving. Carl Hitchborn and Escape Ark are going to be at the forefront of this revolution and I know I want myself and my band to be there with him. 


The question is, how much do you want it too? Are you prepared to learn new things? Adapt to new technology and work harder than you’ve probably done in the past? If yes, then I really encourage you to join!

Jared King

Bassist in Crystal Cities, Melbourne - Australia

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You can join the Escape Ark Membership for just $99 annually or $9.99 per month.

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